UV Tracer: a quick and easy way to detect leaks in your air conditioning system

A common issue with a vehicle's air conditioning system is refrigerant leakage in the circuit. This results in a rapid decline in refrigerant volume, causing a drop in air conditioning performance and posing potential harm to the system. Now, here's the big question: is it just a harmless moisture spot under the engine or are we dealing with a genuine leak? Detecting a leak can be approached in different ways, but using a contrast agent and conducting a UV inspection is definitely the easiest way to track down leaks and get reliable results. No fuss, no complications — just a reliable method to put your mind at ease.

On average, a vehicle's air conditioning system loses between 50 and 80 ml of refrigerant per year

While it's normal for a vehicle's air conditioning system to experience some refrigerant loss, excessive loss indicates a problem. During extended periods of non-use, the internal seals of the air conditioning system tend to dry out, shrink and develop small cracks. This can result in refrigerant leakage from the system. When there's not enough refrigerant, the AC compressor lacks proper lubrication, causing it to overheat and resulting in damage that often requires expensive repairs.

Remember it's always better to be safe than sorry. That's why it's crucial to address microleaks promptly.

UV Tracer is quick and easy to use

Xenum's UV Tracer is a remarkable product that enables you to effortlessly detect leaks on your own. By simply adding this additive to your AC system, refrigerant leaks become fluorescent under UV light. With a quick inspection, you can pinpoint the exact source of the issue and tackle it head-on.

UV Tracer offers a quick and cost-effective solution, requiring just 7.5 ml of the product and 30 minutes of AC run time. This product is designed for professionals and though it is not harmful or dangerous, we do recommend you wear protective gloves and UV-resistant goggles for added safety.

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Xenum - UV TRACER - Air Conditioning Leak detection additive