AIRCO FIX is a reliable sealing additive specifically designed to address microleaks in AC/R systems, providing an effective solution to restore and maintain their proper functionality.


  • Effectively repairs microleaks in AC/R systems
  • Provides a quick and easy repair solution
  • Compatible with all commonly used refrigerants in AC/R systems


For professional use only.

Switch on the A/C system and attach the adapter to the applicator. Press the syringe plunger in order to release any trapped air. Connect the syringe to the low-pressure side and inject the entire contents into the A/C system. Disconnect the syringe and let the air conditioner run for approximately 20 minutes to ensure thorough distribution of the product.

Available in:

  • Box with one syringe (8ml)
  • Box with one syringe (8ml) and one adaptor for R1234YF systems
  • Box with one syringe (8ml) and one adaptor for R134A systems
  • Pack of 6 syringes (8ml) and 2 adaptors (1x R134A and 1x R1234YF)
Technical Data Sheet