About us

Our story

Xenum was established in 2004 by Peter Tossyn. With previous experience at Marly, BP and Putoline, Peter recognised the need for a fresh contender in the market.

This insight prompted him to use his expertise and bring a new perspective to the automotive market.

However, he knew that simply offering high-quality products wouldn't cut it. What was required were innovative products that could genuinely reshape the market. The pathway to achieving this goal was through innovation and the introduction of groundbreaking products.

Xenum I-FLUX 200

Innovative products of the highest quality

Right from the beginning, Xenum has been putting its efforts into groundbreaking products. Back in 2012, after years of work, we introduced the I-Flux cleaning system, which won the innovation award at Automechanika Madrid.

Our commitment to innovation and delivering top-notch products has been consistent throughout. This was highlighted in 2019 when our Nexgen Coating made it to the finals of the "Grand Prix de l'Innovation" at the Equipauto exhibition in Paris.

Technical information and support

Using the right products in the right places can substantially boost the performance of engines and machinery. This means better fuel efficiency, improved reliability and increased durability. Xenum offers a variety of solutions designed to tackle different problems head-on. That's why we're all about giving our distributors, customers and partners the kind of support and after-sales service they deserve.

Find the distributor closest to you or think about becoming one yourself.


In the world of cutting-edge technology and the automotive industry, the racetrack often takes center stage. This is why Xenum actively collaborates with racing teams to develop lubricants and other Techno Chemicals. These partnerships stand as the ultimate measure of the performance and reliability of our products.

Race engines benefit from our products. So will yours.


Our lubricants comply with ACEA standards

Xenum is a SAIL-registered company that provides customers with the assurance that all lubricants conform to the standards set by European manufacturers.

At Xenum, we do not want to take the easy way out by purchasing certificates to offset our emissions. We strive to maximise the benefits for all those involved (shareholders, employees, distributors and clients) while fully committing to the measures necessary for improving the climate crisis. We are, of course, realistic and are aware that “climate neutral” in the literal sense of the word does not exist. To be climate neutral in the literal sense, our activities and production process could not affect the environment or climate change in any way. This would mean not emitting any greenhouse gases, such as CO₂. We are aware that this is not a realistic goal to work towards in our sector. That is why we do not choose to buy certificates, but compensate through actual contributions.



Our products not only contribute to improving the environment but also align with our production focus on minimal ecological impact.