I-FLUX 400

I-FLUX 400 is the latest version and a substantial upgrade from the I-FLUX 200. This professional device is perfect for cleaning intake and DPF systems of petrol and diesel engines. It is equipped with a knock sensor, which increases safety during operation and protects the engine from damage if it stalls.


• Boosts power output
• Enhances fuel efficiency
• Improves the combustion process and prevents detonation
• Promotes smoother engine operation
• Increases engine reliability
• Reduces toxic emissions and smoke
• Cleans the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)


Suitable for use as a preventative or problem-solving treatment in all petrol and diesel engines, including those equipped with EGR (requires adaptor) and catalytic converter. Carefully review the instructions provided in the product manual before using this device. Always verify the compatibility of the product with your specific vehicle prior to use.

1. Cleaning function Air intake by pressure

• For diesel and petrol engines

• Introduction of the cleaning product into the intake system by pressure spraying.

2. Cleaning function SOOT FILTER / EGR

• For diesel engines

• Introduction of the cleaning agent without dismantling the EGR (DPF)

Additional products:

I-FLUX 400 UNIT - REF. 8880014
I-FLUX FLUID - 1 L - REF. 6124001
DPF-FLUSH STEP 1 - REF. 6032001
DPF-FLUSH STEP 2 - REF. 6049001

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet