DPF FLUSH - Step 1

Professional cleaner for diesel particle filters (DPF) in diesel engines. Cleans and removes soot and carbon deposits from the porous honeycomb structures present in the DPF. Non-flammable, water-based and metal-free. Leaves no residue.


Engine must be at temperature before starting the treatment. Stop the engine. Add the full 500 ml into the DPF Flush sprayer tank. Use the adaptor to inject the cleaning fluid directly into the DPF. Spray the whole product into the soot filter. Wait a few minutes and restart the engine, run the engine for 5 min at +/- 3000 rpm.

Warning: It’s possible that some fluid may leak from the exhaust pipe. If this occurs, place a container under the exhaust pipe to collect any leakage and prevent stains on the ground.

Available in:

1 L – REF. 6032001

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet
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