Xenum Season 18-19 (III): Improved In & Out Diesel

Following with our series of articles introducing the latest updates to our product ranges, we're glad to announce an improved In & Out Cleaner, renamed as In & Out Diesel.

The outstanding formula found in the previous In & Out has been slightly modified. In addition to its already excellent qualities, now it is more powerful when it comes to clean the most recent diesel injection systems.


In & Out Diesel - 1,5 Bottle

Thanks to this update you can expect the same impressive results in any diesel engine, even with the latest eco-friendly or performance aimed technologies.

Also, we have updated the funnel to be able to fit the most recent fuel tanks, so you won't have to worry about that either.

See more of it in the product page of In & Out Diesel and discover why it is theĀ best DPF cleaning additive.