NEXGEN™: Advanced Technology for Cleaner Performance and Reduced Emissions

Diesel engine regulations are becoming increasingly strict across Europe. Harmful emissions now get measured specifically during technical inspections. Xenum has developed a highly effective and innovative solution for achieving cleaner engines – NEXGEN™. Keep reading if you're looking for a more eco-friendly and fuel-efficient drive in your diesel vehicle. We'll tell you everything you need to know about the effectiveness of NEXGEN Technology in this Xenum Tech Talk.

Improving Combustion

Diesel engines are more efficient than petrol engines. However, older diesel engines emit more harmful particulate matter and nitrogen oxides. Various measures have been implemented to limit these emissions, such as requiring diesel cars to be equipped with a particulate filter. This filter works by trapping the small particles in combustion gases. When the filter is full, it automatically regenerates by burning the trapped particles. The trouble is, the exhaust gases need to reach a temperature of least 600°C to initiate this combustion. This can be especially problematic when driving in the city, because the exhaust gas temperature typically does not exceed 400°C. When the particulate filter is full and the combustion process can't be initiated, it stops functioning effectively which can potentially cause damage to the engine. This problem can be solved by achieving a better combustion and that's where NEXGEN™ Technology comes in.

How does NEXGEN™ Technology work?

NEXGEN™ forms the basis of diesel fuel additives that harness the power of cerium oxide nanoparticles. Cerium oxide is a substance that's widely used for purifying vehicle exhaust emissions. The nanoceria in NEXGEN™ are incredibly tiny, measuring just 10 nanometers, which gives them a vast surface area and makes them highly effective catalysts. Even in very low concentrations, NEXGEN™ exhibits remarkable oxidation power and performance.

Benefits of NEXGEN™ include:

  • Improved and more thorough fuel combustion
  • Comprehensive oxidation of particulate matter
  • Conversion of particulate matter into energy
  • Reduced harmful emissions:
    • Carbon dioxide (CO2): directly linked to fuel consumption -
      every 1 kg of saved fuel reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 3 kg
    • Particulate matter: reduction of up to 18%
    • Hydrocarbons (HC): reduction of up to 13%
    • Carbon monoxide (CO): reduction of up to 6%

Benefits for Your Engine

NEXGEN™ works wonders by improving combustion and effectively preventing the accumulation of particulate matter. It goes the extra mile by also clearing away any existing deposits. This means your particulate filter, cylinder head, piston head and turbo vanes will regain their optimal functionality, which results in better engine performance. With NEXGEN™ Technology, you'll experience a noticeable difference that benefits both the environment and your vehicle.

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