Full Detox Pro

Full Detox Pro is a multifunctional fuel additive designed for petrol and diesel engines, including those with advanced high-pressure injection systems. This product effectively cleans and preserves the fuel injection system, Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), Gasoline Particulate Filter (GPF) and the variable vanes of the turbocharger.

Basic benefits

  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • Compatible with both petrol and diesel engines
  • Ensures smooth operation of the DPF and catalytic system
  • Enhances engine operation
  • Restores engine power and dynamics
  • Reduces smoke and CO₂ emissions
  • Improves engine reliability


  • Effectively cleans the fuel injection system and pumps
  • Promotes faster regeneration of the DPF/GPF
  • Safeguards the intake system and EGR-valves against deposits
  • Keeps the exhaust system and turbocharger clean


Use Full Detox Pro during regular servicing or when issues arise. We recommend cleaning the DPF/GPF and injection system at least once a year.

Suitable for use in all combustion engines, including the latest high-pressure injection models with EGR, Diesel/Gasoline Particle Filter and catalytic converter.

May be used in trucks, tractors, construction equipment, standalone units and cars.

Directions of use

For preventive use:
Add the contents of one 1L can to the tank before refuelling. One unit effectively treats up to 70L of fuel. Repeat this treatment once a year or every 15.000km.

As a problem-solving treatment:
Add the contents of one 1L can to the tank before filling up with 30-50L of fuel. Drive the vehicle repeatedly at high load and high RPM (>3000) to generate sufficient heat in the exhaust, turbo and after-treatment systems.

Available in:

1L CAN - REF. 3574001
12 x 1L PACK

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet