Joachim Wagemans Rally Team wins TER2 Series

Joachim Wagemans Rally Ream has won his second consecutive TER2 trophy.

The 24 years-old Belgian driver participated with both a Peugeot 208 R2 and a R5 in the 2 last races. He had a chance to secure the 2018 TER overall until the last rally in the Rallye International du Valais.

The season leaves us with magnificent images and experiences, which in part have been made possible by the help of Xenum.

Xenum With Joachim Wagemans Rally

The R2 and R5 both had our Xenum GPR 10W60 premium graphite oil, with the highest quality synthetic base. For the transmission, they relied on the Xenum XT-PRO 75W140 LS, designed specifically to the extreme motorsports demands.

For the day to day work they had the help of the Xenum range of sprays: Brake Cleaner PRO XXXL, Deblock Shock, Multi Clean, C1200+, X-Wipes, XH-Cleaner,...

With passion, talent and good company, we will hear more from this pilot.

Joachim Celebrating in Transylvania