XT-PRO 75W140 LS

XT-PRO 75W140 LS is a 100% synthetic hypoid transmission oil with “limited slip” additives. Designed specifically to the extreme demands of the various motor sports for use in differentials, both with and without multiple disk systems and transmissions subject to very heavy loads as used in various motor sports. XT-PRO 75W140 LS can also be used in all differentials of the various BMW M-Sport models and in the differentials of various SUVs for which an SAE 75W140 hypoid oil is prescribed.


  • High viscosity index to guarantee high fluidity at low temperatures.
  • Outstanding resistance to oxidation, providing optimum protection against high operating temperatures.
  • Very low foaming propensity
  • Outstanding wear protection
  • Ideally suited for use in self-locking differentials owing to special “limited slip” additives.


SAE 75W-140



Available in:

1 L – ref. 1365001