Copper Protect

Copper protect is the ideal copper coating for almost all surfaces. It is used to repair damaged surfaces and to optically refine and align soldered and damaged areas on sheet metal, gutters and tubes made of copper.


  • Made with 99% pure copper.
  • Dehydration resistant
  • Provides weatherproof protection
  • Prevents natural oxidation.


Thoroughly clean and dry the surface. Remove rust stains. Bring the spray to room temperature (16 - 20°C) and shake well. When you hear the bullet, shake for another 2 minutes. Spray at a distance of 25 - 30 cm.


Copper spray can be used in all areas of maintenance, service and repair. By spraying metal

and PVC surfaces, a naturally oxidising copper layer is obtained.


500ml | 12 x 500ml | ref. 4281500

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