Copper Protect

Copper Protect is a powerful copper coating designed to be effective on a variety of different surfaces. This product contains 99% pure copper, which helps to repair and enhance the appearance of soldered and damaged areas on surfaces like copper sheet metal, gutters and pipes. When applied, Copper Protect forms a protective oxide layer on metal and PVC surfaces to prevent natural oxidation and corrosion.


  • Contains 99% pure copper
  • Resistant to dehydration
  • Provides weatherproof protection
  • Prevents natural oxidation and corrosion

Directions for use

Ensure the surface you wish to treat is thoroughly clean, dry and free of rust. Allow the product to reach room temperature (16 - 20°C) and shake well for a minimum of 2 minutes. Hold the spray can approximately 25 - 30 cm away from the surface and spray evenly to cover the desired area.


Suitable for various maintenance, service and repair applications. Spray onto metal and PVC surfaces to create a protective oxide layer that effectively prevents natural oxidation and corrosion.

Available in:

500 ML - REF. 4281500
12 X 500 ML PACK

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet