VAP Saver

VAP Saver is a system designed to lubricate the cylinder heads and is specially designed to atomise VALVEX Fluid in the intake manifold of the engine.

The automatic atomisation system minimizes wear on the valves and valve seats in LPG, CNG and Petrol engines.


Specially designed for use with VALVEX upper cylinder protection fluid. Designed for all LPG and CNG petrol engines, but is also perfectly suitable for classic car engines which require lead additives in the fuel. With VAP Saver there is no need to use additives in the fuel tank as it guarantees a perfect dosage directly into the intake manifold. Carefully read the installation manual of the VAP Saver unit and choose the correct dosage for the engine volume. Safe to use in vehicles fitted with catalytic converters and oxygen sensors (lambda probes).

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Important note

The product is not manufactured by Xenum. The design may vary without previous notice maintaining its functionalities.

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