VAP Saver

VAP Saver is an innovative system designed to lubricate cylinder heads by atomising VALVEX Fluid directly into the engine's intake manifold. This automatic atomisation system effectively reduces wear on valves and valve seats in LPG, CNG and petrol engines, ensuring optimal performance and protection.


Designed for use in LPG, CNG and petrol engines. Suitable for use in classic cars that require lead additives. Safe for use in vehicles equipped with catalytic converters and oxygen sensors (lambda probes).

VAP Saver eliminates the need for fuel additives by providing precise VALVEX Fluid dosage directly into the intake manifold. Please refer to the VAP Saver product manual to select the appropriate dosage based on the engine volume.

Available in:


VALVEX FLUID – 1 L – REF. 3420001

Important note:

This product is not manufactured by Xenum. The design may vary without prior notice, while still maintaining its core functionalities.