Valvex Protection Fluid

Valvex Protection Fluid is a high-performance upper cylinder lubricant specially designed for use with VAP-Saver®. Its innovative formula reduces wear on valves and valve seats in LPG, CNG and petrol engines, ensuring optimal performance and protection.


  • Lubricates and forms a protective barrier between valves and valve seats
  • Prevents mechanical damage caused by micro welding
  • Enhances reliability by maintaining cooler temperatures of valves and valve seats
  • Ensures long-lasting and trouble-free engine operation
  • Does not contain lead


Designed for use in LPG, CNG and petrol engines. Suitable for use in classic cars that require lead additives. Safe for use in vehicles equipped with catalytic converters and oxygen sensors.

Apply Valvex Protection Fluid using the VAP-Saver® system for optimal results.

Available in:

1 L – REF. 3420001

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet