Air conditioning microleaks and how to fix them

Summertime, Airco time! Unfortunately, many car owners neglect to have their air conditioning checked before summer. As the rubber components lose their flexibility and wear down, microscopic cracks start to develop – and that's when serious problems can occur. An air conditioning system that leaks excessively will cause damage to the AC system, resulting in costly repairs. Luckily, the solution to repairing early-stage AC microleaks is simple and cost-effective.

New from Xenum: AIRCO FIX

It's normal to have some moisture in the air conditioning system as part of the air circulation process. However, problems arise when the AC doesn't get used for extended periods, causing it to dry out. In our climate, air conditioning is mainly used during the summer season, with minimal usage throughout the rest of the year. But here's the good news: by taking timely action, you can steer clear of many issues.

Xenum's AIRCO FIX is an innovative sealing additive that effectively repairs even the tiniest cracks in the AC system and provides long-lasting results. It adapts to all types of AC refrigerants, making it the ideal solution for every vehicle.

Efficient repair of microleaks in the AC system

AIRCO FIX is designed for professionals and is straightforward to use. Simply switch on the A/C system and attach the adapter to the applicator. Press the syringe plunger in order to release any trapped air. Connect the syringe to the low-pressure side and inject the entire contents into the A/C system. Disconnect the syringe and let the air conditioner run for approximately 20 minutes to ensure thorough distribution of the product. By the end of this procedure, AIRCO FIX will have sealed all microleaks effectively and your AC will have been restored to its proper working condition.

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Xenum Airco Fix - sealing additive for microleaks in the AC system