Additives in your diesel car: the effectiveness

We know that additives can make a difference. Yet there are still people who are unaware of these products. Most people are only concerned with their car when a problem occurs. This is usually a very costly affair that can be avoided with the proper use of additives. Mobility expert Brecht Vanhaelewyn discusses the effectiveness of additives in Belgium's largest newspaper.
In summary, additives do work!

But how do such additives work? A major problem today with diesel cars is the particulate filter problem. If the injectors do not atomize the fuel sufficiently, it can lead to soot which in turn results in polluting emissions. "A particulate filter has to fire itself to a very high temperature to burn the caked-on soot particles. With an additive, you can reduce the required minimum of 800°C to 400°C," says our CEO Peter Tossyn in the HLN article.

So working with the right fuel additives can make your car have more power and consume less. The key is to look at your car's conditions and depending on that, apply the right product and the correct dosage.

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