Xenum Season 18-19 (II): New Intake Pro Diesel

Diesel and petrol engines each have their own way of functioning. Our years of experience have taught us that not all dirt and debris can be removed using a one-size-fits-all cleaner. Therefore we have now developed separate intake cleaners for both engine types.

The previous generation Intake Pro was extremely effective when used in petrol engines. We have taken this formula and improved on it to create the new Intake Pro Petrol.

Intake Pro Diesel on the other hand, is a completely new and very different product than its predecessor. It is much safer to use thanks to it containing very few solvents. These solvents can cause severe mechanical damage during cleaning while the engine is running. Thanks to the new Intake Pro Diesel the risk of your engine going haywire due to these volatile components igniting is avoided.

Intake Pro to Intake Pro Diesel and Petrol

Intake Pro Diesel and Intake Pro Petrol are now available in our online shop.