ECO PRO DX1 0w20

Ester synthetic based motor oil developed for vehicles who require energy conserving oils including hybrids. Its exceptionally low viscosity allows it to be used the year round, also during very low temperatures in the wintertime.


  • Reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • High and very stable viscosity index.
  • High resistance against shearing.
  • Fast cold start.
  • Very strong resistance against oxidation.
  • Safe lubrication film at very high temperatures.
  • Very good detergency and dispersion.
  • Very strong protection against wear, corrosion and foaming.


A fuel economy, special composed synthetic motor oil recommended for use in petrol engines of passenger cars, which prescribe an oil with the specification GM dexos1 ™ Gen 2.

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet
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