Power of the planet

Taking care of our planet is not immediately linked to our sector. However, that does not mean we do not put effort into contributing towards a better future.

Xenum attaches great importance to a plan for the future and is committed to taking effective measures.

Sustainability declaration

Small changes with a big impact

Since September 2022, we have switched from plastic water bottles to reusable bottles.
Every employee at our office has their personalised water bottle.

Facts in numbers

(per year)
Plastic not entering our ocean
Disposable bottles
Not used
Happy fish
Saved from plastic related death

Self-sufficiency is key

A big step in becoming a sustainable company is becoming self-sufficient by switching to solar panels.
We will depend fully on our own solar energy before 2024!

Our efforts so far

Reusable water bottles

Since 2022
Xenum - Plastic Bottles
Switching to solar panels
Since 2023
Starting the One Tree Planted initiative
By the end of 2024
Xenum - One Tree Planted initiative