4-WAY Flux

All-in-one professional unit for cleaning several internal systems in the vehicle.

Intake cleaning

  • Suitable for both diesel and petrol vehicles
  • Keeps the complete EGR/intake system clean
  • Avoids completely blocked EGR valve, intake manifold, throttle valve, …
  • Dissolve gum, lacquer, tar, carbon and other deposit
  • Makes engine run smoother
  • Improves fuel economy

Extra products needed: I-FLUX FLUID

Optional for diesel: In & Out Diesel, Full Detox Pro OR Ultimax Diesel

Optional for petrol: In & Out Petrol, Ultimax Petrol

Injection cleaning

  • Suitable for both diesel and petrol vehicles
  • Keeps the injectors and pump clean
  • Avoids mechanical damage to the injection system
  • Increased power, improved dynamics of engine
  • Greater fuel economy
  • Smoother engine running, less noise and vibrations
  • Improved power and efficiency
  • Protects the fuel system from corrosion
  • Soot catalyser to keep Turbo, EGR, CAT and soot filter free of soot

Extra products needed: X-Flush Diesel / X-Flush Petrol

DPF Cleaning

  • Cleans and removes soot and carbon deposits from the porous honeycomb structures present in the DPF
  • Prevent repeated build-up of soot in the particle filter
  • Non-flammable, water-based liquid
  • Metal-free cleaning liquid that leaves no residue
  • Restores proper functionality of the Diesel Particle Filter
  • Improves engine & DPF reliability
  • Can be used to clean EGR valve and Turbo with extra connector.

Extra products needed: DPF Flush - Step 1, DPF Flush - Step 2 and NEXGEN DPF Coating - DPF Flush Step 3.

Optional for diesel: In & Out Diesel, Full Detox OR Ultimax Diesel


Read carefully the manual.

Technical Data Sheet