DPF FLUSH - Step 2

DPF FLUSH - Step 2 is a professional flushing concentrate designed for use with the DPF FLUSH Tool. Its advanced formula actively cleans and regenerates the Diesel Particulate Filter of diesel engines. This product is non-flammable, water-based, metal-free and leaves no residue.


To be used as the second step of the DPF FLUSH cleaning process. Add the contents of one 1L bottle to the DPF FLUSH sprayer tank. Use the provided adaptor to inject the entirety of the cleaning fluid directly into the DPF. Let the engine run at approximately 2000-2500 RPM to allow for proper atomisation. Once the treatment is complete, take the car for a 20-minute test drive while frequently accelerating the engine to levels exceeding 3000 RPM in order to ensure optimal DPF cleaning.

Warning: Fluid leakage from the exhaust pipe may occur. To prevent stains, position a container under the exhaust pipe to collect any leaked fluid.

Available in:

1 L BOTTLE – REF. 6049001

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet