Valvex is a high-quality lead substitute based on innovative fuel technology. Its self-mixing formula protects soft valve seats from premature wear when using unleaded petrol.


  • Creates a protective and lubricating layer on valves and valve seats, similar to the coating provided by lead in leaded petrol
  • Safe for catalytic converters
  • Does not influence the octane number of petrol
  • Prevents valve seat damage caused by micro welding
  • Protects the fuel system from corrosion
  • Improves engine reliability
  • Offers an economical and user-friendly solution, with a recommended dosage ratio of 1:1000
  • Environmentally friendly


Suitable for use in all two-stroke and four-stroke Petrol engines, including turbocharged and non-turbocharged variants. Highly recommended for classic engines that previously required leaded fuel and now run on unleaded fuel.

Available in:

250 ML BOTTLE – REF. 3260250

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet