X1-BIKE 10W40

X1-BIKE 10W40 is a premium synthetic four-stroke motor oil, formulated using high-viscosity base oils and a well-balanced blend of advanced additives. This engine oil ensures reliable protection and surpasses the performance requirements set by leading motorcycle engine manufacturers.


  • Protects against wear and foaming
  • Ensures safe lubrication at high temperatures
  • Optimises fuel efficiency
  • Maintains a high and stable viscosity index
  • Provides outstanding resistance to oxidation and shearing
  • Exhibits excellent detergency and dispersion properties


X1-BIKE 10W40 is specifically designed for race and endurance applications in four-stroke motorcycle engines, ensuring smooth clutch plate operation without slip, paste, or rough shifting. Developed in collaboration with leading motorcycle manufacturers, this oil has undergone extensive testing and proven its reliability in real-world conditions.


  • API SM
  • JASO MA2

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet