Super Bio Clean

Super Bio Clean is a powerful and versatile cleaner that effectively removes most stains and water-resistant greases from various surfaces, such as concrete, asphalt, ceramic tiles, painted and unpainted metal, textile and more. This product is 100% biodegradable, making it completely safe for the environment.


  • Mildly alkaline pH
  • Contains anti-corrosive inhibitors that protect metal surfaces
  • Does not cause damage to gaskets, seals, pumps or other equipment
  • Can be diluted to a ratio of 1:100 for specific applications, providing exceptional cost-efficiency.


Super Bio Clean effortlessly eliminates oil, grease, dirt, light resins, nicotine stains, scuff marks, insect residues and more.

Suitable for cleaning machines, machine parts, machine rooms, engines, tools, equipment, doors, walls, tanks, loading ramps, ships, yards, vehicles, as well as living areas for both humans and animals.

This product can be applied using low-pressure pumps, spray bottles, mops, brushes, or using automatic scrubbing/washing machines equipped with manual or automatic dosage units.

Available in:

1 L – REF. 5189001

20 L – REF. 5172020

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet