DPF Cleaner

Xenum DPF Cleaner is a spray which has been developed to quickly and easily clean the soot filter. This way, soot, ash and other contamination can be removed from the DPF without dismantling. Thanks to this cleaning, the capacity of the DPF is restored and the life of the particle filter is extended.

Basic benefits

  • Cleaning without disassembling the DPF
  • To avoid loss of power
  • To avoid problems due to short distance driving.
  • Extends the life span of the DPF


  • Free of metal
  • Non flammable
  • Ash cleaning-agent


The DPF should be below 40°C and above 20°C before using this product.

  • Disassemble the temperature or pressure sensor at the exhaust pipe just in front of the DPF.
  • Insert the tube of the aerosol nozzle  in the opening with the spraying direction towards the filter. Spray the content into the filter, move the nozzle/tube around during spraying. Let it soak for at least 30 minutes.
  • Reassemble the temperature or pressure sensor.
  • Start the engine, dirty water (contaminated with soot and ash) will drop out of the exhaust pipe. Let the engine run idle until the dripping stops.
  • Start regeneration by performing a test drive for ca. 20 - 30 minutes. at higher speed (ca 60 mph /100 km/h) and elevated RPM (3.000 RPM).

If necessary, read out the car computer and clear error messages

Available in

400 ML – REF. 4274400

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet
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