DPF Cleaner

DPF Cleaner is a powerful solution designed to thoroughly clean the Diesel Particulate Filter without the need for disassembly. Its advanced formula efficiently removes soot, ash and other contaminants, restoring the performance and functionality of the DPF and prolonging its lifespan.

Basic benefits

  • Actively cleans the DPF without the need for disassembly
  • Improves engine performance
  • Prevents problems caused by short-distance driving
  • Prolongs DPF lifespan


  • Non-flammable formula
  • Free from metals
  • Features an effective ash-cleaning agent

Directions for use

Ensure that the DPF temperature is between 20°C and 40°C before using this product.

  • Remove the temperature or pressure sensor located at the exhaust pipe just in front of the DPF.
  • Insert the tube of the aerosol nozzle into the opening.
  • Spray the product into the filter, ensuring even distribution by moving the nozzle around during application.
  • Allow the product to soak for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  • Reinstall the temperature or pressure sensor.
  • Proceed to start the engine and let any contaminated water flow out of the exhaust pipe. Allow the engine to idle until the dripping stops.
  • Start the regeneration process by performing a 20-30 minute test drive at higher speeds (60 mph | 100 km/h) and high RPM (±3,000).
  • Clear error messages from the vehicle's computer system if necessary.

Available in:

400 ML – REF. 4274400

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet