Leather Balm

Cleaning and care emulsion for all smooth and imitation leather, e.g. car interiors, motorcycle suits, bags, furniture, etc. Suitable for all colours. Easily removes dirt, oil, grease and refreshes the colours. Keeps leather supple, does not become slippery. UV protection.


  • Repairs
  • Protect
  • Keeps Supple.
  • For smooth and imitation leather.
  • Non-slippery care and protection.
  • Professional formula.
  • Ecological can


Shake bottle well before use. Apply circularly with a lint-free cloth, leave to work in for a few minutes, wipe off with a fresh cloth.


1 box: 250 ml can, 1 microfiber cloth, 2 polish pads (6 boxes/carton) - REF. 6063250

Technical Data Sheet