ATFX 375

ATFX 375 is a synthetic ATF fluid additive designed to enhance performance and stability in automatic and CVT transmissions. Its innovative formula combines synthetic complex ester fluid and advanced additives, improving the overall functionality of your automatic transmission system.


  • Improves gear shifting performance
  • Reduces friction and wear on transmission components
  • Preserves and protects seals


  • Improves overall transmission performance
  • Significantly reduces friction and wear on internal transmission components
  • Provides effective protection under all operating conditions
  • Prolongs transmission unit lifespan
  • Preserves optimal seal condition to prevent leaks
  • Protects the ATF from oxidation
  • Helps to prevent the build-up of deposits within the transmission unit
  • Maintains hydrodynamic efficiency across a wide temperature range
  • Prevents overheating


Suitable for use in cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and industrial engines equipped with automatic or CVT transmission systems. Compatible with all OEM-recommended ATF fluids.

Directions of use

Before adding the product, check the transmission oil level to ensure it is within the recommended range. Add the contents of one 375ml bottle to the transmission system fluid. One unit effectively treats up to 10 litres of ATF. Start the engine and shift the gears up and down to effectively distribute the product throughout the system.

Available in:

375 ML BOTTLE - REF. 3253375
12 x 375 ML PACK

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet