DPF Fluid

DPF Fluid is a professional solution designed to replace soot filter fluids used in the onboard dosing systems of various manufacturers. This product burns soot particles at a lower temperature compared to standard soot filter fluids, resulting in quicker and more efficient removal.


  • Quick and efficient combustion of accumulated soot particles
  • Enhances DPF and catalytic system functionality
  • Reduces smoke and CO₂ emissions


  • Prolongs DPF lifespan
  • Prevents DPF clogging
  • Universal compatibility


Suitable for use in all diesel vehicles equipped with a refillable onboard dosing system.

Directions for use

This product is intended for professional use only. Please follow the instructions provided by the automotive manufacturer. Note that specific instructions may vary between different automotive manufacturers.

Available in:

1L BOTTLE - REF. 6131001
12 x 1L PACK

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet