XG-100K is an innovative engine oil additive designed specifically for engines that exhibit signs of wear such as high oil consumption and low compression. It combines two powerful components - Carbon Graphite and Complex Synthetic Oils - to protect the internal parts of the engine, repair minor leaks and significantly prolong the lifespan of your engine.


  • Boosts viscosity
  • Restores compression and oil pressure
  • Regenerates rubber seals to repair small leaks
  • Reduces excessive oil consumption and related exhaust smoke
  • Reduces engine noises
  • Reduces friction and wear
  • Prevents metal-to-metal contact under heavy loads
  • Protects against corrosion, oxidation, rust and wear
  • Safe for catalytic converters and Diesel Particulate Filters
  • Compatible with all types of motor oils


Suitable for use in all petrol and diesel engines of vehicles with higher mileage. Particularly effective in older engines. This product is not suitable for use in new engines and does not correct mechanical malfunctions.

Available in:

350 ML CAN - REF. 3239350

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet