Automechanika Dubai 2022: Here we come!

EQUIP AUTO in Paris is just over and the next exhibition is already just around the corner. This time we will go a little further from our home base and participate in Automechanika Dubai (22 to 24 November). During this three-day exhibition, we will share our vision of the automotive industry with more than 1,000 exhibitors from more than 58 countries.

Xenum is a company that stands for innovation. So it is only natural that we are participating in the Innovation Price at Automechanika Dubai with our unique oil VRX 7.5W40. What do we mean by unique? This product is not a typical oil, but white oil. This type of oil reduces friction, increases load capacity, absorbs shocks, prevents vibration wear and can operate in relatively dry conditions. Its performance exceeds all existing comparable oils thanks to its unique formula: A special blend of high-quality ester-based synthetic oil and high-tech additives.

Will we see you there? We are already looking forward to it!

Visit the website of Automechanika for more info.