Keep it neat with DPF maintenance additives

If your car is new or you have recently flushed your DPF, then proper maintenance is important to prevent any future clogging of the DPF.

Should I only use Premium Diesel from now on?

As you probably know, almost all petrol stations offer two types of diesel, regular and premium. But there is no specific premium recipe and each brand uses its own additives to upgrade the diesel.

These are the common aspects the premium diesel aims to improve:

  • Cleaning: petrol brands usually add detergents to clean injectors and reduce fuel consumption
  • Cetane number: much like the octane number for petrol vehicles, the higher this number is, the fuel is more compressed before the detonation, leading to a better and more efficient combustion.
  • Lubricity: protects against friction and wear on the fuel pump
  • Anti-corrosion: protects against corrosion and rust in the fuel pump
  • Demulsifying: prevents water from getting into the fuel system

While this may sound good in theory, the reality is different. Each brand can choose which additives to add as there currently are no common rules to determine the composition of premium diesel. As a result, the customer doesn’t know exactly what benefits is getting from this exclusive diesel.

On top of this, DPF maintenance often isn’t considered.

DPF maintenance additives

If you can't find the answers in petrol stations, the only solution you have left is to take care of your vehicle yourself. That's why we created NEX10™.

Nex 10 1L and 250ml bottles

Using the same active compound as in our renowned In & Out, NEX10™ assures proper DPF maintenance in all circumstance. Whether you have to drive many kilometers each day or just drive your children to school, NEX10™ will help.

If your driving habits are not a problem, you have a proper DPF maintenance guaranteed. However, you can still benefit from all the advantages of premium diesel with our Diesel Multi Conditioner.

Additive as standard

For those of you who have an additive deposit in your vehicle, we’re proud to introduce a brand-new product: Xenum DPF Fluid.

DPF Fluid operates as a replacement for the additive present in diesel vehicles from Peugeot, Citroen, Volvo, VW, etc. However, unlike the classic Eolys ™ fluid, which heats up the DPF to improve its regeneration, DPF Fluid reduces the temperature at which the soot combustion starts.

With the introduction of DPF Fluid in our catalogue, we aim to help you with DPF maintenance on all fronts.


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