DPF Flush, the definitive cleaner

We have already analyzed the operation of the DPF and  the best additive for its regeneration. In this article we shall focus on when regeneration alone no longer solves the problem.

You may have already used In & Out and driven for hours at high rpm ranges yet still you see that dreaded DPF light.

When this happens, you may start thinking about replacing the DPF with a new one. But that is both a time consuming and expensive solution. So, in order to avoid it, it’s time to get your hands dirty and try DPF Flush.

DPF Flush

Our Xenum DPF Flush is device with a two-step cleaning system to manually purge your DPF of all soot and ash.

  • DPF Flush Step 1: the Step 1 fluid will actively capture and descale the soot and carbon deposits in the diesel particulate filter.
    • First of all, start the engine and keep it warming up for a few minutes, then turn it off. Next, insert the nozzle in the DPF and spray the whole product into the filter. Wait a few minutes and proceed to restart the engine. Keep it running for approximately 5 min at 3.000 rpm.
  • DPF Flush Step 2: this cleaner fluid will help remove filth from the DPF.
    • When spraying the Step 2 fluid into the DPF, keep the engine running at 2.000 - 2.500 rpm until the all the product has been used up. Proceed to test-drive the car for 20 min at high rpm rates (around 3.000) to increase the cleansing efficiency.

To further understand the process, watch the DPF Flush in action:

We recommend to always use one of our DPF additives after performing a DPF Flush. An additive ensures that the rest of the fuel system does not retain any dirt from the DPF cleanse.

When should I use the DPF Flush?

DPF Flush should always be considered a last resort. The automatic DPF regeneration process should keep the filter clean in normal situations.

If this process stops working properly, try using a Xenum additive to solve the problem.

Xenum DPF additives as alternative to the DPF Flush

If this does not solve the problem and the only other option is to replace the clogged DPF or to flush its dirt manually, the smart and easy solution comes bottled in a Xenum can.


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