ATFX 200 becomes ATFX 375

The automatic gearbox is becoming more and more popular in our sector. In addition, the oil capacity of the automatic transmissions is increasing. Also, more and more transmission oil changes are made using a flush machine such as our AT Flux.

For these reasons, we have further developed XENUM ATFX 200 to a new version called ATFX 375. The 375 is a reference to the contents of the package, this was already the case with its predecessor.

When our ATFX 200 came on the market, automatic gearboxes had a capacity of about 4L, now they are up to 10L. For this reason we consider it appropriate to increase the volume.

Until now, we have always offered this product in tubes in order to allow the product to be added more easily in the transmission. Due to the fact that ATF is now usually added via a machine, packing it in a tube was no longer necessary. We do offer a 150ml syringe that you can use to inject the additive directly into the transmission.

ATFX375 post

Our formula is also a bit adapted to the current needs, but no major change was needed, since our ATFX 200 already achieved a great performance in most modern transmissions.