Octane Boosters: The Miracle Formula of Superfast Cars

Octane Boosters: The Miracle Formula of Superfast Cars


If you own a car, you want it to operate well. In fact, you need it to do so; otherwise, it will be a drain on your resources, time, and a significant problem. Part of keeping your car running smoothly is having an engine that provides optimal performance.

What is Octane?

Octane is the result of the process used to break down crude oil in a refinery. Through this process, hydrocarbons chains can be produced of varying lengths. These chains can be separated and combined to create fuel. Octane has eight hydrocarbon chains and is well suited to the compression that occurs inside an engine.

Petrol has different octane ratings. These ratings denote how much the fuel can be compressed before it ignites—the lower the rating, the lower the amount of pressure required to ignite the fuel. One of the mechanisms in the engine is called the compression stroke. This is where the engine compresses air and gas before igniting it with a spark plug.

Octane Boosters

Octane boosters are designed to increase fuel's octane rating, thereby increasing the vehicle's performance and gas mileage.

Anti-Knock Additives

Knocking is harmful to an engine. If the fuel ignites in the engine due to compression rather than as a result of the spark plug, knocking can result. Additives in octane boosters address this problem protecting engines and helping them to operate more efficiently.

Xenum's Octane Booster

Xenum offers an octane booster that is suitable for all petrol engines. It is a self-mixing formula that improves fuel combustion and overall engine performance. It was used by drivers in the Marrakech Grand Prix 2019. Xenum's Octane Booster was so effective that sponsored users achieved awards in their respective categories! After seeing these results, many in the competition embraced Xenum's product as well.

To enhance your engine's performance, visit the product page or contact your local distributor to try Xenum's Octane Booster.