Intake Pro Diesel

Powerful intake system cleaner for diesel engines. Cleaning only takes 5 to 10 minutes without needing to remove a lot of components.


  • Dissolves gum, lacquer, tar, carbon and deposits
  • Restores perfect airflow towards the combustion chamber
  • Engine runs in a regular and stable manner while idle
  • Restores or maintains the engine performance and fuel consumption
  • Eliminates and avoids starting problems
  • Reduces black exhaust emissions
  • Positively influences the functioning of the lambda probes and the DPF
  • No risk of detonation


For efficient cleaning of the intake section: EGR-valve – idle air control valve – throttle valve and housing – Electronic Throttle Module (ETM) – inlet manifold pressure sensor – inlet valves – crankcase ventilation system.

Available in

500 ML – REF. 4045500

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet