XENUM AT-FLUX uses an advanced and innovative method to flush, clean and fill automatic transmissions with new oil using minimum effort with maximum data. The machine is connected to the gearbox using hoses, creating a common oil circuit. As a result the oil will flow through the transmission and the machine. The old oil, in combination with a strong cleaning additive (T-Flush), will flow through the whole system, ensuring that flushing is done automatically.


  • Complete with all frequently used adapters.
  • Up-to date database
  • Tablet with clear instructions (where to connect, which adapter, amount of oil to use, …)
  • Minimal waste oil
  • Custom fit for our 20L oil drums


  • The entire system will be supplied with new ATF
  • No mixing of new and old ATF
  • Effective cleaning of the entire oil circuit in the automatic transmission system including: oil cooler, torque convertor, shifting mechanism valves and oil hoses
  • New ATF oil eliminates excessive slipping, resulting in less heat generation in the transmission, providing better shifting and lower fuel consumption
  • Efficient, easy to use and environmentally friendly
  • Smoother shifting
  • Separate holder for cleaning additive and performance additive
Technical Data Sheet