X-TRAN S 75W80

This is a fully synthetic lubricant based on carefully selected very high quality base oils, which is recommended for the manual transmissions of most commercial vehicles. It is adapted to the requirements of synchromesh transmissions, procuring improved shift comfort, low temperature fluidity and longer service life.


  • Good resistance against oxidation
  • Good rust-preventing, anti-corrosion and foam inhibiting properties
  • Low pourpoint
  • Good Extreme Pressure (EP) properties


This product meets the requirements of many commercial vehicle builders and/or gearbox manufacturers,including DAF,IVECO,Eaton Europe (300.000 km or 3 years),Renault (in accordance with B0032/2 Annex 3) and Volvo.



MAN 341 E-3, 341 Z-4

MB 235.4

RENAULT B0032/2 Annex 3

VOLVO 97305, 97307

ZF TE-ML 01L, TE-ML 02L, TE-ML 08, TE-ML 13, TE-ML 16K, TE-ML 24A


1L can (12 x 1L carton)

5L can (4 x 5L carton)

60 L drum

208 L drum

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