Multi Cleaner Active Foam

Multi Cleaner Active Foam is a highly efficient cleaning solution for various surfaces. The active formula effortlessly removes dirt, grease and residues, leaving a streak-free finish.


  • Effectively cleans and degreases various surfaces and materials
  • Leaves no residue or marks
  • Quick-drying formula


Suitable for cleaning a wide range of surfaces, including polished, chrome-plated, lacquered, laminated and enamelled materials. The product can safely be applied to upholstery, textile, leather and imitation leather surfaces. The active foam is particularly effective for cleaning and degreasing windshields, headlights and rims. Effortlessly eliminates dirt, grease, light resins, nicotine stains, scuff marks and insect residues.

Available in:

500 ML – REF. 4083500

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet