D-Grease Cleaner

D-Grease Cleaner is a versatile solution designed to effectively degrease and clean various mechanical components. Its powerful formula effortlessly removes oil, grease, brake fluid and tough deposits, providing thorough cleaning and degreasing for structural components in motor vehicles and industrial applications.


  • Low surface tension for precision cleaning
  • Efficiently removes resin and tar-type residues
  • Eliminates oil and grease-based contaminants
  • Safe for rubber, nylon and plastic parts
  • Chlorine and acetone-free formula
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Residue-free


Suitable for use on a variety of mechanical components in motor vehicles and industrial applications, such as drum and disc brakes, clutch components and more.

Available in:

500 ML – REF. 4021500

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet