Weld Pro

In contrast to traditional ‘anti-spatter’ products, which only protect the item you are welding, WELD PRO also protects your valuable welding equipment and helps improve productivity. Just one application of the silicone-free coating will provide exceptional long-term protection that could last an entire eight-hour shift without the need for re-application. The WELD PRO coating dries within seconds. Once the welding process begins, the coating will harden on the surface of the equipment. This provides a ceramic shield that repels the spatter immediately, ensuring long periods of continuous uninterrupted welding.


  • Fast air-dry coating
  • Long-lasting
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Achieve a cleaner welding process
  • Does not react with metals or air when used within its intended temperature range
  • Silicone-free coating


For all MIG/MAG welding processes. Spray onto the areas to be protected before welding. Also use the spray to protect the interior and exterior of nozzles, the end and outer surfaces of contact tips and all other areas which are at risk of weld spatter. Once finished, the spatters can easily be wiped away.

Available in:

500 ML – REF. 4120500

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet