Xtreme Polish

Xtreme Polish™ coats and protects the paint against environmental influences with a stable and durable shiny protective layer, resulting in a soft smoothness, brilliant deep gloss and excellent water repelling power. Thanks to the unique EASY-TO-CLEAN formula, future maintenance will be much easier. The innovative NANOPUR®-HYBRID technology provides a sealing and long-term mirror effect for months. Particularly easy to use. Does not leave stubborn white stains or streaks on plastic parts.


  • Long-lasting protection.
  • Long-lasting brilliant deep coating.
  • Water repelling.
  • UV protection.
  • Easy to clean finish.
  • Microfiber polish cloth included.
  • Professional formula.
  • Ecological can


Wash and dry the paint. Shake well before use. Spray on parts of the vehicle, spread evenly with a soft cloth. Then polish immediately to a high gloss with a fresh, soft microfiber cloth. Do not use on hot surfaces. Protect from frost.


500 ml can + microfiber polish cloth (6 x 500 ml + 6 x cloth/carton) - REF. 6032500

Technical Data Sheet