VRX 500

VRX 500 (previously VX 500) is an advanced ceramic engine oil additive that features a highly effective blend of two powerful lubricants:

  • Micro-ceramic particles: These solid lubricants effectively reduce friction and offer strong resistance to high temperatures, increasing the reliability and lifespan of your engine. Thanks to their microscopic size, these ceramic particles are completely safe for oil filters.
  • Polarised synthetic ester oil: This high-quality lubricant forms a colloid with the micro-ceramic particles, evenly dispersing them throughout the oil.

The combination of these lubricants creates a highly resistant protective film that significantly reduces friction and wear on your engine's internal parts. This film remains intact even during cold starts, providing optimal protection and extending the lifespan of your engine.


  • Boosts engine performance and fuel economy
  • Enhances engine reliability
  • Reduces engine noise and oil consumption
  • Lowers CO₂ emissions
  • Features ZERO SAPS technology to preserve the Diesel Particle Filter (DPF)
  • Compatible with all types of engine oils


Suitable for use in all types of petrol and diesel engines, including those found in cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and industrial engines.

Available in:

375 ML CAN - REF. 3017351

1 L BOTTLE - REF. 3284001

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet