Nex10™ is a unique diesel additive designed to enhance the efficiency of the fuel burning process. The innovative formula of Nex10™ enhances engine performance by efficiently removing exhaust system deposits and reducing fuel consumption.


  • Promotes smooth engine operation
  • Minimises engine noise and vibrations
  • Enhances fuel efficiency by 4 – 11%
  • Boosts engine power and dynamics
  • Improves engine reliability
  • Reduces toxic emissions and smoke
  • Cleans and lubricates injectors and fuel systems
  • Effectively removes deposits from combustion chambers, turbo and DPF
  • Keeps the EGR and DPF systems clean
  • Prevents clogging of injector needles


Nex10™ is compatible with all standard diesel fuels and additives, making it suitable for all types of Diesel engines, including the latest generation with direct injection(CRD, TDI, JTD, HDI), EGR, Diesel Particulate Filter and catalytic converter.

Available in:

250ML BOTTLE - REF. 3369250

1L BOTTLE - REF. 3390001

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet