IN & OUT Diesel

IN & OUT Diesel is a professional fuel additive powered by advanced Nexgen™ technology. This innovative formula effectively cleans the entire fuel and injection system, Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), catalytic converter and turbo compressor (including its variable geometry vanes).


  • Increases engine power and improves engine dynamics
  • Enhances fuel efficiency
  • Promotes smooth engine operation
  • Minimises engine noise and vibrations
  • Improves engine and turbo compressor reliability
  • Optimises DPF and catalytic system functionality
  • Reduces harmful emissions and smoke


Suitable for use as a preventive or problem-solving treatment in all diesel engines, including those of the latest generation equipped with Diesel Particulate Filter and catalyser. This treatment does not require disassembly.

Add the contents of one 1.5L bottle to the tank before filling up with 20-40L of fuel. Drive the vehicle at high load and high RPM (>3000) to generate sufficient heat in the exhaust system.

Available in:

1.5 L BOTTLE – REF. 3192015

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet