Car wax vs. Xtreme Polish

We all love our cars. There is nothing more satisfying than hearing the roar of the engine as you take off down the road. However, things can get a little messy sometimes. After washing your vehicle you will want to decide whether to use a car wax or polish. There are distinct benefits to your vehicle offered by a car wax that differ from those of a car polish.

Differences between Wax and Polish.


Car wax adds a protective layer to the vehicle's exterior. Car wax requires application in a shaded area away from direct sunlight. Wax must be applied in small sections with the use of a polisher for the best results. If not applied properly, car wax will often leave white streaks on your vehicle's paint.


Car polish serves two important purposes for the maintenance of your vehicle. Polish removes dirt and retards paint oxidation.  Xenum's Xtreme Polish provides premium protection for your car. The NANOPUR®-HYBRID technology provides a sealing and long-term mirror effect for months. Your car will continue to shine long after you finish detailing your vehicle. Xtreme Polish doesn't just keep your car shining, it also repels water and protects from UV rays. Both acidic rain and UV rays can damage the paint of your vehicle. Luckily, Xenum uses a professional formula in Xtreme Polish that protects your paint. The ecological can also comes with an included microfibre cloth. Xtreme Polish does not leave any white streaks on your vehicle and is easy to use.

Try Xtreme Polish today!

Car wax requires a vast amount of time and effort for the user. However, with Xtreme Polish detailing your vehicle is simple and effective. If you want to ensure your vehicle looks its best and continues to shine for months, use Xenum's premium Xtreme polish.