VGL Racing - Xenum 合作伙伴

We're proud to announce that this 2018 Xenum will sponsor the VGL Racing team in the Belcar Endurance series.

VGL Racing Belcar Series Xenum Racing

The team

VGL Racing is a semi-pro raceteam that successfully started in 2014, becoming 2nd in its class in its first participation in the 24 Hours of Zolder.

Besides their permanent place in the Belcar Endurance championship, the team around Patrick Lefevre and Bert Van Gansen can also be seen regularly in one of the Supercar Challenge races.

Due to the competition experience they have built up, the goals of the Antwerp team are clear for 2018: the victory in the Belcar 3 class!

They will achieve this with the help of Britney, our Saker Rapx:

Britney Saker Rapx - VGL Racing Belcar Series Xenum Racing

You'll se more pictures of her in our social networks. If you like it, a LEGO version is available in their site!


And at last but not least, the calendar for the Belcar series:

  • 7-8 April: Zolder 125´- New Race Festival (met Blancpain GT Series)
  • 2-3 June:- Spa 180´- Spa Euro Race
  • 30 June - 1 July: Zolder 180´Zolder Superprix
  • 9-12 August: Zolder – 24 Hours of Zolder
  • 29-30 September: Spa 180´- Racing Festival
  • 20-21 October: Zolder 120´- American Festival (met NWES)

We´re ready for the first race in Zolder, so we'll see you there!