ADMAX is a professional solution designed to enhance the reliability of the AdBlue® system. This product improves the efficiency of AdBlue®, prevents crystals from forming within the selective catalytic reduction system (SCR) and protects AdBlue® injectors from contamination. Additionally, ADMAX helps condition and protect AdBlue® during extended storage periods.

Basic benefits

  • Prevents crystal formation in SCR
  • Reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions
  • Preserves the SCR
  • Prevents SCR clogging
  • Helps to maintain optimal fuel efficiency


  • Speeds up the conversion of urea into ammonia
  • Prevents crystallisation at temperatures below -10°C
  • Enhances SCR efficiency
  • Extends SCR lifespan
  • Protects the exhaust system from corrosion


Compatible with all AdBlue®-equipped diesel vehicles.
ADMAX should be used exclusively in the AdBlue® reservoir.

Available in:

250 ML DOSING BOTTLE - REF. 3567250
12 x 250 ML PACK

1 L - REF. 3581001
5 L - REF. 3567005
20 L - REF. 3567020
200 L - REF. 3567200

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet