Climair GO

Contaminated air conditioning and heater/ evaporator cores can cause foul smelling, health threatening mold and mildew deposits. Use XENUM CLIMAIR GO to refresh the air conditioning and heater systems.

Basic benefits:

  • Fresh smell
  • User friendly
  • Does not leave stains


  • Neutralizes and removes bad smells
  • Subtle lemon fragrance
  • Ventilation refresher


  • Start the engine and let him run.
  • Put your air circulation system in full power in the recirculation position.
  • Make sure the air-conditioning is switched on.
  • Shake the product for about 15 till 30 seconds.
  • Place the product in the middle of the car, activate the aerosol by once pressing the nozzle and close the doors.
  • Let the engine run a few minutes after full evaporation, then switch him of and leave the doors open for about 10 minutes

Available in:

150 ML – REF. 4267150

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet