GPX 5W40

GPX 5W40 is a synthetic top-grade engine oil containing ‘Micro Carbon Graphite’ which provides important advantages over other oils. It reduces the energy-consuming friction between moving engine parts. It efficiently prevents metal-to-metal contact and friction between surface asperities. This results in a decrease of the friction within the engine. This oil offers up to double the wear protection provided by popular synthetic motor oils. The advanced formula makes it the ideal choice for all modern and high performance engines. However it is also the perfect choice for older cars, such as pre-1990 models.


  • Significant fuel savings (3 to 5%)
  • Substantial reduction of the internal friction
  • Significant increase of power (2 to 5%)
  • Substantial reduction in oil consumption (up to 80%)
  • Noticeable reduction of engine noise
  • Improved cold start
  • Keeps the engine cleaner


  • ACEA A3/B4
  • ACEA C3

Available in

12X1L, 4X5L

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet